AC Watts
Coffee Maker600-800
Microwave Oven, 450 W rating900
Microwave Oven, 650 W rating1300
Refrigerator, AC/Gas, on AC300
Portable Stereo40
Stereo with Amplifier150-350
TV, 21″105
TV, 24″130
TV Satellite & Receiver35
VCR/DVD Player30
Video Game System10
Computer, Desktop100-400
Computer, Laptop 20-50
Halogen Spotlight1000
Cell Phone Charger15
Hair Dryer1200
Sewing Machine150
Vacuum Cleaner350
Vacuum Cleaner, Handheld240
Shop Vacuum800
Circular Saw1200
Electric Drill250-350
Air Conditioner1200-1900
Electric Heater1250-1500
Clothes Iron1300
RV Washer/Dryer Combo1900

These ratings are approximate. For a more accurate calculation check the current draw on each device in your RV.