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RV Boondocking 101
Explains what RV Boondocking is all about, the equipment you’ll need, where to go boondocking, how to pick a campsite, and how to minimize your impact on the great outdoors while enjoying it to the fullest.

Collage of solar panel, chest freezer, and 5th wheel travel trailer

Chest Freezer to Fridge Conversion
Convert a chest freezer into a super-efficient low-cost refrigerator that runs on solar power. A step by step guide.

Collage of man and RV, and holding tank being plastic welded

Plastic Welding RV Holding Tank Repair
Learn how to do plastic welding and repair an RV holding tank with a plastic welding iron kit – we show you each and every step.

Elk Up Close looking right at camera

Elk Up Close and Personal
Lakeside, AZ. For 3 mornings in a row I was visited by a family of elk while RV camping on the Mogollon Rim. I’ve seen countless elk on the rim, but never up close like this!

RV truck and 5th wheel camped in Anza Borrego Desert

Wind & Dust Storm while RV Camping
Borrego Springs, CA. On April 8th, 2013 an intense wind and dust storm with 60 mph winds and 100 mph gusts hit Borrego Springs, California. This is what it was like while RV camping in a 5th wheel travel trailer.

Gila Monster crawling on ground with leaves

Gila Monster!
Safford, AZ. While hiking along the bank of the Gila River I encountered a Gila monster for the first time. It was amazing, and I got some great footage of this giant lizard!

Standing water in wash with forest trees and sky reflected on surface

Frogs Emerge After Heavy Rain
Overgaard, AZ. Frogs awaken from their slumber under a bone dry wash soon after a heavy rain on the Mogollon Rim near Overgaard, Arizona.

RV camping with truck and 5th wheel in desert

La Posa South LTVA
Quartzsite, AZ. Quartzsite is the RV boondocking capital of the world. You can camp for 7 months straight on the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area). There is a fee, but in return you’ll have water, a dump station, and trash facilities.

Truck and 5th wheel camped in desert next to tree as sun sets

La Posa Tyson Wash LTVA
Quartzsite, AZ. Another very large LTVA for camping, with wide open desert and mountain views on the La Posa Plain.

RV camping at Scaddan Wash, Quartzsite

Scaddan Wash
Quartzsite, AZ. There are 5 free 14-day camping areas near Quartzsite, Arizona and Scaddan Wash is one of them. This is a vast desert plain surrounded by mountains.

Classic car show inside giant festival tent

Quartzsite Town & Shows
Quartzsite, AZ. Quartzsite has a plethora of BLM land open to camping and is hugely popular with snowbirds. There are several winter shows, such as the Gem & Mineral Shows, Vacation & RV Show, Arts & Crafts Shows, and Car Show – along with vendors selling just about anything you could imagine.

Sailboat on Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu City, AZ. The Lake Havasu area is a paradise for outdoor recreation lovers. The town is chock full of events throughout the year, and there never seems to be a dull moment in this city by the lake.

The Needles and mountains next to Colorado River

The Needles
Topock, AZ. Water in the desert. Lots of water. Enough Said. Ohh, there’s also some cool looking pointy rocks too, Needles Mountain being one of them. Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, Topock Marsh, the Colorado River, sandy beaches, sublime scenery, and plenty of sun. It’s all here.

Off-road buggy kicking up sand on race course

Parker 425 Off-Road Car Race
Parker, AZ. 250 vehicles racing across the desert at once made for one exciting (and dusty) day! After racing miniature radio control versions of these off-road buggies when I was a kid, it was cool to finally see the real thing!

RV camped in Arizona desert with light fog at sunrise

Gibraltar Mountain
Parker, AZ. A great camping area with Gibraltar Mountain Wilderness to the northwest and Cactus Plain Wilderness to the south. It’s a beautiful landscape of mountains, desert, and sand dunes.

Gila Box Riparian NCA
Safford, AZ. A lush canyon oasis in southeastern Arizona. The inviting clear cool waters of the Gila River are popular for kayaking, canoeing, tubing, swimming, wading, and fishing.

Truck and 5th wheel camped in desert with green bushes and desert mountains in background

Saddle Mountain
Tonopah, AZ. Saddle Mountain is a prominent feature of the Sonoran Desert landscape. Because of it’s natural beauty, wildlife, and volcanic geology many are asking the BLM to designate Saddle Mountain as a wilderness area. It’s an excellent place for hiking and photography.

Woolsey Peak

Woolsey Peak Wilderness
Buckeye, AZ. Woolsey Peak Wilderness is southwest of Buckeye, Arizona in the Gila Bend Mountains. It’s an excellent area for hiking with spectacular views of pristine desert scenery.

View of Arizona desert from Harquahala Peak

Harquahala Mountains
Wenden, AZ. The Harquahala Mountains are the highest mountains in southwestern Arizona. Harquahala peak stands at 5,691 feet and provides tremendous views of the Sonoran Desert and its many mountain ranges.

View of Vulture Mountains and desert from Vulture Peak

Vulture Mountains
Wickenburg, AZ. The Vulture Mountains feature plenty of beautiful Sonoran Desert scenery with elevations ranging from 2,200 to 3,658 feet at Vulture Peak. A trail leads to the top of the mountain for outstanding desert views.

Agua Fria River, Arizona

Agua Fria National Monument
Black Canyon City, AZ. Agua Fria National Monument is located along I-17 between Phoenix and Camp Verde, Arizona. “Agua” is a nice word to hear in Arizona, and there is plenty of it in the picturesque canyon where the river resides.

Red rock, clear mountain water, and forest along West Clear Creek

West Clear Creek Wilderness
Camp Verde, AZ. West Clear Creek Wilderness is truly an Arizona treasure. The creek lives up to its name with sparkling clear water. The canyon reveals brilliant red rock. The West Clear Creek Trail is a must hike for breathtaking views of this awesome landscape.

Verde River with banks of tall green grass, trees, and cloudy sky

Black Hills, Wilbur Canyon & The Verde River
Cottonwood, AZ. A nice area to camp above the Verde River with excellent views of the Black Hills and the Verde Valley.

Pond and cliff dwellings

Montezuma Well
Lake Montezuma, AZ. Montezuma Well is a geological wonder, and a welcome sight in the sun baked Verde Valley of Arizona. The well is part of Montezuma Castle National Monument.

Water cascading down smooth red rock along Wet Beaver Creek

Wet Beaver Creek Wilderness
Lake Montezuma, AZ. Wet Beaver Creek is another fine display of red rock near Sedona, Arizona. This picturesque canyon, like nearby West Clear Creek and Red Tank Draw, slices through red rock rim country in the Coconino National Forest.

RV camped in Arizona high desert with red rock

Red Tank Draw
Lake Montezuma, AZ. Red Tank Draw is a red rock spectacle that’s difficult to turn away from. The beauty is captivating, like the Sedona area itself, only without the crowds.

Stunning red rock at sunset in Arizona desert

Sedona, AZ. Welcome to red rock heaven! Sedona could very well be the most beautiful place on earth.

Side of RV in foreground with forest and heavy fog in background

Oak Creek Canyon
Sedona, AZ. Oak Creek Canyon is a smorgasbord of breathtaking vistas to feast your eyes upon. The canyon, as well as the Sedona area, is easily worthy of national park status. This is the most popular area to visit in Arizona, after the Grand Canyon.

Stunning red rock canyon walls at West Fork Oak Creek

West Fork Oak Creek Canyon
Sedona, AZ. West Fork Oak Creek Canyon is truly a work of mother nature’s art and is not to be missed. Amazing red rock polished by wind and water into a stone masterpiece.

Hills covered in grass and forest with gentle mountain peaks in background

San Francisco Mountain
Flagstaff, AZ. San Francisco Mountain in Northern Arizona is the mightiest of them all in the Grand Canyon State, and the most beautiful. The 12,633 foot peak will literally take your breath away.

Mountain valley with green grass, pines, and patches of snow

Humphreys Trail
Flagstaff, AZ. Humphreys Trail takes you to the top of Arizona at 12,633 feet on San Francisco Mountain. Up here you can see it all, including the Grand Canyon.

Red Jeep Wrangler emerging from bowl of volcano with black and red cinders

Cinder Hills OHV Area
Flagstaff, AZ. Cinder Hills OHV Area is northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona just south of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. This off-road playground offers sublime views and the camping is free.

Forest meadow blanketed with yellow flowers

Kelly Canyon Forest Meadow
Flagstaff, AZ. This forest meadow near Kelly Canyon south of Flagstaff is lovely. There are several great RV campsites bordering the meadow and in the surrounding ponderosa pine forest.

RV camping with truck and 5th wheel in forest next to pines and aspen

Kendrick Mountain
Flagstaff, AZ. This camping area is a mix of meadow and tall pine forest below Kendrick Mountain in the Coconino National Forest. Kendrick Mountain Trail and Lava River Cave are nearby.

View of national forest and blue sky from Kendrick Peak

Kendrick Mountain Trail
Flagstaff, AZ. Kendrick Mountain Trail climbs up to Kendrick Peak at 10,418 feet for a grand view of San Francisco Mountain, Oak Creek Canyon, and even the Grand Canyon.

People hiking through Lava River Cake

Lava River Cave
Flagstaff, AZ. Lava River Cave was formed around 700,000 years ago when molten lava erupted from a nearby volcanic vent. The cave extends for 3/4 mile under tall ponderosa pine forest near Flagstaff.

Rounded rocky outcrop in forest

Priest Draw
Flagstaff, AZ. Priest Draw is a small and shallow canyon about 7 miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona. What makes this canyon unique is that it allows you to get up close and personal to the beautiful limestone rock of the Kaibab Formation.

Looking out through cliff dwelling entrance at Walnut Canyon and the forest below

Walnut Canyon National Monument
Flagstaff, AZ. Walnut Canyon National Monument features beautiful layers of Coconino Sandstone and Kaibab Limestone. This archaeological site also has several cliff dwellings left by the Sinagua culture that once lived here.

RV truck and 5th wheel camped among tall pines in Northern Arizona

Wing Mountain
Flagstaff, AZ. Wing Mountain is a great place to camp northwest of Flagstaff. There are many treeless cinder pits here, including one that is open to off highway vehicles. There is also a single track dirt bike trail and several primitive forest roads to explore.

Forest meadow with yellow flowers, blue sky, and a few white clouds

Anderson Mesa
Mormon Lake, AZ. Anderson Mesa is a mix of pine forest, meadows, and lakes at 7,000 feet. The Arizona Trail, which spans the entire state, can be accessed here. The many lakes include Upper & Lower Lake Mary, Ashurst Lake, and Mormon Lake.

Mormon lake with marshland, meadow, and water in distance

Mormon Lake
Mormon Lake, AZ. Mormon Lake is the largest natural lake in Arizona, when full. It’s located southeast of Flagstaff in the Coconino National Forest at 7,100 feet and makes a heavenly spot to camp.

Sun low in sky with light shining between trees casting interesting shadows on grass

Oak Creek Canyon & Pumphouse Wash
Mountainaire, AZ. A great area to camp above Oak Creek Canyon and Pumphouse Wash between Sedona and Flagstaff in the Coconino National Forest.

Truck and 5th wheel camped among grass and tall pines

Rocky Park
Munds Park, AZ. Rocky Park is south of Munds Park and amidst a tall ponderosa pine forest. At 7,000 feet, it’s a great place to beat the desert heat.

Lone pine tree in forest meadow

Apache Maid Mountain
Stoneman Lake, AZ. Apache Maid Mountain and Stoneman Lake are in a beautiful corner of the Coconino National Forest about 15 miles southeast of Sedona. Up here at 6,500 feet you’ll find tall ponderosa pine forest, several natural springs, and lush forest meadows.

Prairie grassland with hills and trees

Sycamore Canyon, Government Prairie, Wild Bill Hill
Parks, AZ. Beautiful scenery west of Flagstaff in Northern Arizona. Video features the Sycamore Rim Trail in the Kaibab National Forest, and Government Prairie and Wild Bill Hill in the Coconino National Forest.

Vibrant sunset with forest trees below

Bill Williams Mountain
Williams, AZ. Bill Williams Mountain is in the Kaibab National Forest southwest of Williams, Arizona. You’ll find some excellent hiking trails on the mountain and some fun mountain biking routes along quiet forest roads.

Blue sky with clouds near the mountains and high desert

Hualapai Mountains
Kingman, AZ. The green Hualapai Mountains are a cool and refreshing sight in contrast to Kingman and the neighboring mountain ranges. Hualapai Peak towers above the surrounding desert at 8,417 feet.

RVs camped at forest meadow

Ash Fork Hill
Ash Fork, AZ. Ash Fork Hill sits beside Historic Route 66 five miles east of the small community of Ash Fork. It’s a beautiful place to camp in the Kaibab National Forest.

5th wheel travel trailer, truck, and desert sunset

Big River
Big River, CA. This RV camping area near Big River, California and west of Parker, Arizona offers a superb view of the Colorado River Valley and the surrounding mountainous desert terrain.

Truck and 5th wheel camped in desert at sunrise

Turtle Mountains
Earp, CA. I can see for miles and miles and miles…the Turtle Mountains in the Mohave Desert of Southern California are far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Out here, you can hear yourself think.

Truck and 5th wheel camped on dry lake bed with red hill and mountains in background

Fossil Falls Recreation Area
Ridgecrest, CA. The wildly wind and water sculpted Fossil Falls is fascinating. It’s a very remote and peaceful place – most of the traffic is passing by on Hwy 395, with just a few stopping at Fossil Falls for a quick look.

Peaks near south end of Sierra Nevada Mountains

Short Canyon
Ridgecrest, CA. Short Canyon Trail takes you on a tour of three distinct landscapes: Mojave Desert, Great Basin, and Sierra Nevada. Magnificent scenery. After a wet winter, spring wildflowers paint the canyon, which lies within Owens Peak Wilderness.

Truck and 5th wheel camped on sandy beach next to tree with blue water and desert mountains in background

Nevada Telephone Cove
Laughlin, NV. Free camping on the beach…now that should raise an eyebrow. The Nevada Telephone Cove camping area lies on the shore of Lake Mohave north of Laughlin, Nevada in Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

RV camping with 5th wheel, golden desert mountains and blue sky in background

Newberry Mountains
Laughlin, NV. The Newberry Mountains and nearby Lake Mead National Recreation Area are filled with beautiful high desert mountain scenery. Here are some of the sights while camping off Christmas Tree Pass Road northwest of Laughlin, Nevada.