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RV camping in the Alabama Hills, California

Sure, you can pull your RV into a campsite, set out the camping chairs, sip on a cold one, and putter around the campground all weekend. There’s nothing wrong with that approach.

On the other hand, If you want to really get out there and explore this beautiful world, then you’re in the right place. That’s what we do here. Where the road ends is where the adventure begins…and getting the RV out there in the wild lands, where nature can be savored in all its glory, is our ultimate goal.

Sharing the Dream

Hi, I’m Will Barton, and I created this website out of my passion for the active RV lifestyle. Being a full-time RVer and boondocker, it was a natural fit. This website is where I’ll share my knowledge, experience, and adventures that come from a life on the road less traveled.

Please enjoy your stay at my “camp-site”. What will you discover? Here’s a sample…

Will returning to RV campsite after backpacking in mountains
Boondocking and backpacking in California

Are you ready to dive in and take action on the road to your dreams? Great! Explore the world of RVing right here and right now!

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Motorhome on winding highway heading toward snow covered mountain peaks

Learn about different types of RVs, buying or renting an RV, RV values, and selecting RV insurance:

Go Boondocking

Leave the campgrounds behind and immerse yourself in nature

Motorhome camped at green meadow next to mountains

Free your RV (and yourself!) with articles on boondocking, solar panels, holding tanks, led lights, and more:

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Whip your RV into shape before you hit the road to adventure

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Your guide to living the good life

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Wild Campsites

Bring wilderness to your doorstep

RV camped at edge of an expansive lush forest meadow next to a stand of green pines

Find wild and free campsites on public lands. This is just a sampling of campsites. View more here.