RV Jobs – Guide to Working and Traveling in Your RV

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RV jobs enable you to enjoy the RV lifestyle, while still earning a paycheck. Not yet retired? You can still say goodbye to the typical 9-5 and begin living your dream now. As you’ll soon discover, job opportunities abound. And having an RV can open the doors to many jobs where housing is not provided.

Already have an income? Then find yourself a rewarding volunteer position that will take you and your RV to new and exciting places.

Many employers will have RV hookups on site, or they will provide hookups at an RV park or campground nearby. Always ask the potential employer if RV hookups are provided, or if there is a place to park your RV for the duration of the job. And since your RV is self-contained, boondocking is always an option – all you need is a place to park. 

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  • RV Jobs at Resorts
  • Temporary/Travel RV Jobs
  • RV Jobs on Public Lands
  • Self-Employment
  • Common Jobs
  • Where to Find RV Jobs

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RV Jobs at Resorts

Why take a resort vacation for a week, when you can stay the entire summer! (Or the entire winter, if it’s a ski resort!) Of course there will be some work involved – but the fun times you’ll have while off duty will more than make up for it.

Man snowboarding down mountain slope

The atmosphere of working in a place that sells fun and excitement can make work seem more like play. That’s what I’ve learned anyway – and after experiencing it yourself you may feel the same.

Several resorts have a campground and provide an RV site. These can make for the perfect RV job.

Resorts Can Include

Amusement Parks – Addicted to roller coasters? Get your fix with the perfect RV job at Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Busch Gardens, Adventureland (which hires 400 work campers every summer), or one of several other amusement parks in the US and Canada.

Mountain mine roller coaster train ride at amusement park

Theme Parks – Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios…hang out with Mickey Mouse or Indiana Jones and become a “cast member” where make believe is your job. How cool is that!

Ski Resorts – Dreaming of mountain slopes covered with virgin fresh powder? Experience the ultimate RV job on a mountain. Every winter, ski resorts are hiring instructors for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. You’ll also find jobs in gifts shops, ski shops, lodges, shuttle bus driving, parking, maintenance, and ski patrol. One of the best winters of my life was spent working and snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in California.

Golf Courses – Do you love to play golf? Why not find a seasonal job at a golf course. Positions range from working in a golf shop, golf instructor, caddy, groundskeeper, marketing, food and beverage, aquatics, tennis, fitness and more.

Man and woman carrying golf clubs with motorhome in background

Hotels/Motels – From luxurious hotels in the city to rustic and secluded wilderness lodges, all have opportunities for employment. You can work in Alaska, the Florida Keys, and anywhere in between.

Dude Ranches (Guest Ranches) – Mend your city slicker ways and get your hands dirty on a dude ranch. Jobs can include tour guide, gardening, corral work, housekeeping, wrangler, dining staff, or office staff. And in your spare time you can be John Wayne.

Want to be an Instructor at a Resort?

Several resort locales will have all kinds of fun and exciting teaching jobs for those with experience. Here is just a sampling of activities that need instructors:

  • Swimming
  • Scuba Diving
  • Horseback Riding
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Paddle Boarding/Paddle Surfing
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Water Skiing/Wakeboarding/Parasailing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fishing/Fly Fishing
  • Fitness/Pilates/Yoga

Hammock on tropical beach with view of ocean and sky

Temporary/Travel RV Jobs

Here is a list of opportunities that would make great RV jobs. These are typically temporary and/or involve travel.

  • Property Caretaker/House-Sitter – This is where property owners higher a caretaker to perform various duties while they are away, or year-round. You can find work at a house, ranch, bed & breakfast, farm, lodge, hostel, nature retreat, homestead, etc.

  • Campground Host – One of the best RV jobs. Get the chance to live in beautiful surroundings at a national park, state park, or private campground. Government run campgrounds will offer a free campsite – however don’t count on a paycheck from Uncle Sam. When taking a job at a private campground, you’ll be paid. You may also be required to work longer hours. Duties can include collecting campground fees, answering questions, and performing light maintenance.

  • Company/Product Representative – Your RV can be the perfect vehicle for traveling the country while representing a company or product. You will have to sacrifice some freedom though, as you will have to travel to the places the company sends you.

  • Wagon Master for RV Tours – RV jobs that pay you to take a tour. How about that! Get a chance to guide a group of fellow RVers on a tour across the US, Canada, or overseas. A couple of the larger tour companies are Tracks RV Tours and Fantasy RV Tours.

  • Christmas Tree or Pumpkin Sales – This is a rather popular RV job. Spread holiday cheer by selling Christmas trees or pumpkins. Typically, you earn a commission from your sales. You can make anywhere from $1000 to $5000.

  • Lighthouse Keeper – Unfortunately “progress” has almost done away with the lighthouse keeper. You can still find work, though it  will most likely will be volunteer only – and instead of taking care of an oil lamp and lens your duties will be greeting visitors and providing historical information.

  • Website Sales Fulfillment Centers – Fulfillment centers have several temporary positions available during the busy holiday season. These can make great RV jobs, as the larger websites, such as Amazon.com have warehouses all over the country. Duties can include handling inventory and packing orders.

  • Carnival/Circus – When working for a carnival, you get to travel to a different town every 10-12 days. The downside is you may have to work long hours and the pay can be low.

  • State Fairs – RV jobs at state fairs can be fun and exciting. I worked stage security at the Iowa State Fair one summer and enjoyed seeing several live performances. Other jobs can include ticket sales, maintenance, parking, patrol, and ticket taker.

  • Farm Work – During harvest time, farms higher several workers to help pick tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, etc. Other jobs can involve planting, peeling, or packing fruits and vegetables.

RV Jobs on Public Lands

Live and work in some of the most beautiful places in the world on America’s public lands. You will find temporary paid positions as well as volunteer work. And if you love RV boondocking (as I do), then an RV job on public land is the perfect fit.

US Forest Service

The Forest Service hires several workers each summer and paying jobs can include visitor services, maintenance, forestry aid, and range aid. I worked out of Gunnison, Colorado one summer as a forestry aid and it was an awesome experience. Highlights included hiking to the top of some 14,000 foot peaks, and seeing Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Want to volunteer? Volunteer positions can include wilderness stewards, trail clearing, office work, and campground hosts.

Lake and pine trees in national forest

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

With 261 million acres of public land (almost half of all public land in the US) there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. You’re sure to find a job you’ll enjoy! Here is a sampling of positions: campground host, restoration, river ranger, interpretive guide, hiking leader, archeology, geological surveys, conservation, photography, artwork, and trail maintenance.

National Park Service

America’s crown jewels, the national parks, hire around 10,000 temporary and seasonal employees annually. Paid positions can include visitor services, park guide, biological science technician, park ranger, and maintenance. Of course an RV job as a campground host wouldn’t be too bad either! Even if you didn’t get paid.

Wildlife Preserves

The Nature Conservancy – Volunteer to help the environment at one of many nature preserves across the country.

US Fish and Wildlife Service – 42,000 people volunteer for the US Fish and Wildlife Service performing a wide range of jobs such as wildlife surveys, tour guide, laboratory research, habitat restoration, photography, and more.

State Parks

Have a favorite state park? Chances are, they’ll be hiring each summer. You’ll find both paid and volunteer positions. Typical positions include campground host, visitor services, and maintenance.

US Army Corps of Engineers

Work, play, and live the life on a lake. The Corps of Engineers encompass 12 million acres of land and water. Volunteer opportunities can include campground host, visitor center staff, park & trail maintenance, fish & wildlife habitat work, and water safety.


Want an RV job where you make the rules? Go where you want, when you want, and work when you want – that’s the freedom of being self-employed.

Have a hobby or skill that can earn you money? If you need a workshop, consider a SURV (Sport Utility RV, aka Toy Hauler) as these have a “garage” in the rear.

Need an office? Create one in your RV. You can outfit your office with a laptop or desktop computer, printer, scanner, cell phone, etc. And for internet, you can use Wi-Fi  – however for more reliable service I would recommend a smartphone with mobile hotspot capability, or satellite internet when you’re in remote areas without cell service.

Man and woman working on laptops on beach next to lake and forest

Possible RV jobs for self-employment:

  • Virtual Assistant – Use your cell phone or computer to do work remotely from your RV. With today’s excellent cell phone coverage and wireless internet it is now possible.

  • Online Business – Sell products on eBay or Amazon. Don’t have a product? Try drop shipping (you sell the product and it is shipped from a fulfillment center). Or, start your own website to market your services, sell your own e-books, or provide information on a subject you know well.

  • Vendor – Sell items at flea markets, swap meets, RV shows, state fairs, or craft shows. Quartzsite, Arizona has several shows each winter and many vendors stay the entire winter, along with thousands of RVing snowbirds.

Common Jobs

Have you considered working for a company that has multiple locations across the nation? This would give you the advantage of staying with the same employer and being able to relocate every now and then.

Another possibility would be working for Lowe’s or Home Depot temporarily. Both chain stores higher around 50,000 seasonal employees every spring.

There are traditional jobs that would make suitable RV jobs. Below is a list of occupations where the work is temporary or where employees are not expected to hold jobs for very long. The nice thing about these jobs is that you can find them just about anywhere.

  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Cook
  • Baker
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Construction
  • Painter
  • Carpenter
  • Mason
  • Welder
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn Care
  • Janitor
  • Nurse
  • Cashier
  • Computer/Office Work
  • Grocery
  • Retail
  • Sales

Where to Find RV Jobs

There’s no better time than now to start living the dream with an RV job. More and more young adventurers are full-time RVing, along with those who are retired. There are too many good opportunities to pass up, as you’ve probably realized by now.

Here is a list I’ve compiled of places to find paying RV jobs and volunteer work. This should get you started on the rewarding road to RV adventure.

Paying Jobs

  • RV Publications – The classified section of RV publications is a great place to check for RV jobs.
  • Temporary Work Agencies – You never know what kind of work you might find from a temp agency. I once found work for an RV show, which was a fun experience.
  • CoolWorks.com – The mega site for all types of seasonal jobs. They even a category for jobs with RV spaces.
  • Xanterra Parks & Resorts – The nation’s largest operator of park-based hotels, restaurants and stores. You can find jobs in national parks, state parks, and resorts.
  • KOA – Has nearly 500 campgrounds across the US and Canada. Jobs include cleaning, outdoor maintenance, front desk, greeters, management, and activity directors.
  • Recreation Resource Management – Hires 500 seasonal employees annually to work at campgrounds, day use areas, stores, marinas, and boat ramps.
  • American Land & Leisure – Find campground hosting jobs at over 400 campgrounds nationwide.
  • National Park Service – Search for jobs in National Parks.
  • US Forest Service – Learn about seasonal jobs on National Forests.
  • Caretaker-Jobs.com – Find caretaker/house sitter jobs with this service.
  • The Caretaker Gazette – Caretaker and house sitter jobs and information can also be found here.
  • International Virtual Assistants Association – Work remotely from your “mobile office” as a virtual assistant.
  • SummerJobs.com – Search for jobs at camps, amusement parks, resorts, national parks, hotels, environmental organizations and more.
  • Staffing Medical USA – Information on becoming a traveling nurse.
  • Workamper News – Lots of information, tools, and postings for RV jobs/work campers.
  • Workers On Wheels – A great resource with information on RV jobs and work camper opportunities.
  • PGA Job Finder – Love golf? Find work at a golf course here.

Woman on horseback with RV truck camper and horse trailer in background

Volunteer Work

  • Good Sam Club – Volunteer alongside fellow RVers from the world’s largest RV club.
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • US Forest Service
  • National Park Service
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • US Army Corp of Engineers
  • Volunteer.gov – Find volunteer work with several federal agencies here.
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Habitat for Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners – Volunteers travel in their RV to Habitat affiliates and assist in house construction and renovations.

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