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Cathedral Rock, Sedona

There are so many trails to explore around Sedona, Arizona that it would take several months to see them all. The scenery is magnificent. For more information on wild campsites in the Sedona area, see the official Coconino National Forest page: West Sedona Designated Dispersed Camping & Day-use

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Where in The World?

Good places to camp near Sedona include Forest Road 525 (Red Canyon Road), which is 6 miles southwest of town off Highway 89A. Forest Road 525 is a great place to camp for easy access to Sedona and Cottonwood. Most of the spectacular red rock scenery is closer to Sedona and to the north, further down FR 525.

Camping Elevation: 4,000 feet

FR 525 GPS Coordinates: N 34° 48.870′ W 111° 54.321′

Directions to FR 525: From Sedona, Arizona take Highway 89A west about 6 miles to FR 525 (Red Canyon Road) and turn right (north).

Forest Road 525 Area Map

Sedona RV Camping Journal

September 20, 2010

I’m camped off Forest Road 525, which was very washboard when I visited, so I took it slow with my truck and fifth wheel travel trailer. There are some good campsites down this road. Most of the campsites I found were not huge and were better for small RVs. There is a fair amount of traffic on FR 525 and people do live further down this road.

As for this campsite, it’s nice and quiet for the most part. Hot air balloons can be seen every morning around sunrise. They launch near Sedona and drift this way. A few have even landed next to my campsite.

Recreation: Oak Creek is just across Hwy 89A and down FR 89B. The creek is perfect for cooling off on these hot days. It’s great for wading, and swimming may be possible in some deeper pools. The Lime Kiln Trail is also just across Hwy 89A.

Weather: It’s mid September and a bit hot yet. Many days are into the 90s, a few close to 100. At least the nights cool down into the 50s. Not much shade here, just a few short juniper trees. Except for higher temps, the weather has been perfect. I’ve had very few clouds, until today, and no rain, until today (just a short shower).

Insects: Gnats and flies were a nuisance when I arrived. However, it seems they’ve died off some. The gnats aren’t bad at all now. At least there are absolutely no no-see-ums!

Cell Signal: It’s fast Verizon mobile broadband internet here with dependable cell phone service.

October 28, 2010

I’m camped about 5 miles west of Sedona off FR 9845B. This road is directly across from the wastewater treatment plant on Highway 89A. I’m not sure if camping is permitted here any longer, which would be a shame, as this has been an excellent campsite.

You really can’t get any closer camping to Sedona unless you pay for it. The road in here is pretty good and even passable with 2WD after a rain, when puddles are present. It’s only about a 5 mile drive to Sedona.

This campsite is usually quiet. An occasional SUV or ATV will pass by and there are also Jeep tours that drive by from Sedona (Pink Jeep Tours). Weekends see a bit more traffic. I only saw a couple other RV campers on this road. It was a bit tight getting in here with my 25 foot 5th wheel as there is not much space between some of the trees on this road.

Recreation: Dry Creek and Oak Creek can be reached by going further down FR 9845B, if you’ve got a SUV or ATV. It took me about 1 1/2 hours to mountain bike down to Oak Creek. There’s a nice scenic area along the creek here that’s good for wading and fishing. It’s close to Red Rock State Park. The Lime Kiln Trail is very close to my campsite and just south across the adjacent small canyon.

Weather: It’s late October and the weather has been very nice overall. I did have a few thunderstorms which brought a lot of rain; however, it’s typically been nice and sunny. It is cooling down now with highs around the 70s, 60s on a few days. Lows have been into the 40s and upper 30s on a few nights. It feels like winter is coming. The wind can blow pretty good up here at times.

Insects: No real problem with insects here, except for the occasional fly bite.

Cell Signal: I had fast Verizon mobile broadband internet, and a good cell phone signal.

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Cathedral Rock, Sedona

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