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Class B+ Motorhome

Who makes small RVs? I asked myself this question, then did some research to find out. To save you some time when choosing and buying an RV, I compiled this list of RV manufacturers that have at least one model which can be considered a small RV, under 30 feet in length.

I’ve used abbreviations for each type of small camper. Pop stands for Pop-Up Camper, AF stands for A-Frame Camper, and so on down the list below. This will tell you which types of RVs each company makes.

I wish you the best in finding the perfect small RV that will get you on the road to adventure. When choosing an RV that will provide many years of enjoyment, my advice is not to rush the buying process. The mountains, beaches, forests, and deserts won’t be taking a vacation soon, and will be waiting when you’re ready!


Small RV Type

PopPop-Up Camper
AFA-Frame Camper
TTTravel Trailer
PTTPop-Up Travel Trailer
TDTeardrop Trailer
TCTruck Camper
BClass B Motorhome
CClass C Motorhome


Coach HouseC 
CoachmanCPop, TT
Forest RiverB, CPop, AF, TT
Gulf Stream CoachCTT
JaycoCPop, TT
Triple ECTT
Phoenix USAC 
Thor IndustriesCTT
WinnebagoB, C  
Chalet AF
Aliner AF
Livin’ LitePop, TT, TC
United Recreational VehiclesPop, TT
PalominoPop, TT, TC
Lance Camper TT, TC
TrailManor TT, PTT
Adventurer LP TC
Cruiser TT
Northern Lite TT, TC
Northstar Campers TC
Kimberley KampersPop, TT, TD
AT OverlandTC
Hallmark Manufacturing TC 
Four Wheel Campers TC
Outfitter Manufacturing TC
Alaskan Campers TC
Little Guy TT, TD
Camp-Inn TD
Scamp TT
Casita TT
Big Woody Campers TD
StarcraftPop, TT
Dutchmen TT

Did I leave anybody out? If so, please contact me here.

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