The Sprinter Camper Van, a Review of Class B Mercedes-Benz Sprinter RVs

Airstream Interstate Class B Motorhome

Why a Sprinter camper van? Two words: Fuel Economy. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van averages 18-22 miles per gallon with its V6 diesel engine. You can drive 500 miles on one 26 gallon tank of fuel. Try doing that with any other motorhome.

Of course there are plenty more reasons why the Sprinter van makes such a great camper. Like the fact that it has more interior space than the competition, leaving more room for the RV house.

But enough with the reasons. This article will focus on the meat of the matter, which is the camper, not the van. We’ll explore floorplans and features that Sprinter RV manufacturers are using today. I’ve narrowed it down to Class B motorhomes (camper vans) and will leave Class C motorhomes based on the Sprinter chassis for another article.

Sprinter camper van by Sportsmobile at campsite by lake with the optional penthouse top
Sprinter camper van by Sportsmobile with the optional Penthouse Top

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Common Sprinter Camper Features

There are some Sprinter camper van features that are shared between manufacturers. Not each and every Sprinter camper will have them, but they are fairly common. These features are:

  • Rear lounge with a table
  • Sofa or dinette in the rear lounge that converts into a bed
  • Wet bath where the shower, toilet, and sink (if present) share the same space
  • Microwave/Convection oven
  • Recessed 2 burner range
  • Recessed kitchen sink
  • LED lighting

Of course a Sprinter camper will also have all the features you’d expect on a typical RV like a refrigerator/freezer, hot water heater, furnace, etc.

Now we’ll go over each manufacturer of Class B Sprinter motorhomes and discuss the unique designs and features that set them apart from the competition.


Airstream Interstate Sprinter Camper Interior
Airstream Interstate Sprinter camper interior

Airstream, the same company famous for its “shiny silver bullet” travel trailers, offers the Interstate model with 6 different floorplans. And as is you can see from the picture, the interior of this Sprinter camper has a luxurious shine to it as well. It’s built on the 170″ wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and features seating and seatbelts for 8 with sleeping for 2.

When it’s time to dine, the captains chairs swivel backward and a removable table creates a front dining area for 2 to 4 people. Four of the floorplans offer a rear lounge with additional dining. The rear lounge seating converts into a bed with the press of a button.

Nice touches include a power awning, exterior grill hook-up, and a remote start LPG 2.5 kW generator.

Great West Vans

Interior of the Sprinter camper by Great West Vans
Sprinter camper by Great West Vans. Notice the recessed range and sink which are becoming more common today.

Great West Vans makes the Sprinter Legend based on the 170″ wheelbase Sprinter. Where this Sprinter camper excels is in cargo space. It features an electric sofa that folds out of the way to create a large cargo area in the rear.

Need some fresh air? A sliding screen door allows the side door to be left open so you can enjoy the breeze, without the mosquitoes.

Other great features include:

  • Awning style opening windows – these open outward from the bottom and can be left open during rainy weather
  • Locking storage compartment under passenger seat
  • Locking outside running board storage
  • Exterior BBQ connection

Leisure Travel Vans

Rear bed of the Sprinter camper by Leisure Travel Vans
Leisure Travel Vans Sprinter camper rear bed

Leisure Travel Vans makes the Free Spirit, a 170″ wheelbase Sprinter campervan. One of the nice things about this model is the ducted roof air system, which provides even heating and cooling throughout the camper. An optional power sofa converts into a queen size bed at the press of a button.

Other fantastic features include a rear door screen to keep the bugs out, recessed LED lighting, and a temperature controlled Fantastic Fan with rain sensor in the galley.

Outside Van

Sprinter camper by Outside Van featuring a shower and garage area
Sprinter camper by Outside Van featuring a shower and garage area

Outside Van is in the business of taking a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and transforming it into the ultimate adventure vehicle. The company offers numerous camper van options, with several base models to start from. There are also several garage options featuring built-in storage for your dirt bikes, mountain bikes, snowmobile, surf boards, kayaks, or other toys.

RV boondocking is made easy here, with options like:

  • Solar panel charging system
  • Espar hot water heater and air system that runs off diesel from the Sprinter’s fuel tank
  • Webasto heater, which also runs off diesel
  • 2000 or 3000 watt Xantrex inverter
Sprinter camper by Outside Van with Flarespace and rear door ladder
Sprinter camper by Outside Van with Flare Space and rear door ladder

Other nice options from Outside Van include:

  • Flarespace – This is a molding that fits into a window opening and extends outward giving you more interior space. With the added room, sleeping sideways is possible – or you could use the extra room as additional storage space.
  • Rear Door Ladder – Makes getting up on the roof to load gear easier.
  • Two Person Roof Tent – This is a tent that is mounted on the roof and includes a full size mattress, mosquito nets, reading light, and storage net.


Pleasure-Way builds the Plateau on the 170″ wheelbase Sprinter van and offers 4 floorplans. It touts a 6 cubic foot double door fridge, pretty good for a Sprinter camper van. The Plateau also features a nice sized private bathroom with shower and Corian countertop.

The sofa extends into a 70″ x 76″ bed with the push of a button. On the exterior you’ll find a 13 foot awning – a great feature and one I wouldn’t go without. When the mid-day sun shines or the rain pours you’ll be glad you have an awning.


Roadtrek Sprinter camper van showing front dining area
Roadtrek Sprinter camper van front dining area

Roadtrek offers 3 Sprinter camper van models: The RS-Adventurous is on the 170″ wheelbase Sprinter and has two floorplan choices. The SS-Agile is on the shorter 144″ wheelbase Sprinter as is the SS-Ideal, which also boosts a rear slide-out room creating an extra 3 feet of living space when parked.

All models feature a rear lounge with table. With the RS-Adventurous and the SS-Ideal you have a removable table in the front for additional dining. This is a nice perk, which can be found on other Sprinter camper vans too. It enables you to leave the bed set up in the rear full-time if you wish.

The rear lounge converts into a king sized bed, or twin bed if you prefer. The RS-Adventurous can sleep four with an optional folding mattress in the front, while the SS-Agile and the SS-Ideal sleep two.

Roadtrek SS-Ideal Sprinter camper with rear slideout extended
Roadtrek SS-Ideal Sprinter camper with rear slide-out

Utilizing the shorter 144″ wheelbase Sprinter, the SS-Agile and SS-Ideal make great everyday drivers. The eye catching rear slide-out on the SS-Ideal houses part of the bed/sofa. The slide-out gives you the advantage of a larger permanent bathroom, larger refrigerator, and more storage space.


Looking for a Sprinter camper van that doesn’t exist? Then design it yourself, and Sportsmobile will build it. You’ll find a wealth of information on the company’s website like several floorplan ideas and loads of options.

Here’s a small sampling of the unique features available from Sportsmobile:

Penthouse Top: This option gives you a roof that pops-up. By increasing the ceiling height to 8 feet, the penthouse top creates an open and airy feeling inside the camper. With the optional bed, two can sleep upstairs. Five large screen windows let the breeze in while letting you see out, and provide for plenty of natural light.

Interior of the Sportsmobile Sprinter camper van with Penthouse Top
Interior of the Sportsmobile Sprinter camper van with Penthouse Top

Beds: Lots of options and arrangements here including bunk beds which fold up and out of the way when not in use, or can be completely removed.

Windows: Choose between fixed, awning, or sliding windows. All windows fit in the van’s side indentations just as the factory windows do.

Solar Power: Sportsmobile can install a complete solar panel charging system with 1-4 solar panels and a solar charge controller. Or you can have the option of pre-wiring for solar panels which means you’ll have a solar charge controller wired to an exterior 12 volt connection allowing you to hook up your own portable solar panel.

Sportsmobile camper van with solar panels mounted on roof
Sportsmobile camper van with solar panels mounted on roof

Refrigerators: Choose from energy efficient 12-volt models up to 7 cubic feet in size, or traditional 3-way models which run off propane, 12 volt DC, or 110 volt AC power.

Generators: Plenty of generator options including an under chassis mounted generator, a portable generator with an inside vented storage compartment, or a portable generator with an exterior hitch or bumper mounted storage box.

Sportsmobile's vented generator storage compartment
Sportsmobile’s vented generator storage compartment


Winnebago creates the Era on the 170″ wheelbase Sprinter. This Sprinter camper van includes a sofa that folds flat with the press of a button making a 70″ by 80″ bed. The LED TV swivels 180 degrees for viewing from either end of the RV.

Sprinter camper van by Winnebago showing rear sofa
Sprinter camper van by Winnebago Industries, Inc. showing rear sofa (Unauthorized use not permitted)

The front captains seats swivel to face the 2nd row seating and a movable table creates a dining area for four in the front. A great feature is that the 2nd row seats can easily be removed and replaced with an optional wardrobe storage cabinet, or they can be left out to provide more room inside.


Here’s a list of Sprinter RV manufacturers so you can go right to the source for more information on Sprinter camper vans. Happy hunting and I hope you find the perfect Sprinter camper!

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