Sprinter RV Boondocking and 4X4 Conversions

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van driving on forest road

Are you thinking about taking a Sprinter RV to the next level? Would you like to get away from the campgrounds and do some real camping? If you want to become one with nature, read on…

RV boondocking with a typical camper van has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, the compact size of a camper van makes it great for getting deep into the wilderness. The downside is that once you get there, the small holding tanks and lack of storage space mean you won’t be staying long.

Sprinter camper van driving on forest road
Sprinter RV with 4X4 conversion by The Sprinter Store

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van has changed that. Thanks to its cavernous interior, freshwater & wastewater holding tanks can be larger. This also means more room for storage. Extended RV boondocking in a van down by the river (if that’s your cup of tea) is now possible – and with a real bathroom that includes a shower – it’s also more comfortable.

If you plan on RV boondocking in rough terrain, consider a shorter wheelbase Sprinter Van, which will also be lighter. Of course the holding tanks may be smaller too, so keep that in mind.

The low ground clearance on a Sprinter camper means you’ll need to pay more attention on rough roads. Running boards will reduce your ground clearance even further, so it’s best to opt out of this feature.

Swapping the stock tires with off-road versions will give you better traction. And if you’re into extreme RV boondocking, a Sprinter 4X4 conversion can “up the ante” on your camping adventures…

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A 4X4 Sprinter RV?

Unfortunately Mercedes-Benz does not make a 4X4 Sprinter van in America. However, aftermarket 4X4 conversions are available. It isn’t cheap – the cost can be $20,000 or more – but if you’re serious about RV boondocking in all kinds of weather and terrain, it may be worth it.

Sprinter van driving down sand dune
Sprinter 4X4 Conversion by The Sprinter Store

There are two companies that do 4X4 conversions:

White Feather 4X4 Conversions

White Feather 4X4 Conversions will transform your Sprinter camper into a 4X4 motorhome, swap the stock wheels & tires for a larger 17 inch set, and give you a 4.5 inch lift. The cost is around $21,000 for the 2500 chassis, and $24,000 for the 3500 chassis.

The Sprinter Store

The Sprinter Store also does 4X4 conversions and offers a front diff lock for increased traction. With their conversion you can keep the stock wheels & tires and you’ll get a 3.375″ lift. The estimated cost starts at $27,000.


If you’ve got a Sprinter RV, there’s no reason to be chained to a campground. This is one RV that can literally run circles around any Class A motorhome. Its tight turning radius and compact size allows it to tackle roads few RVs would dare tread. So go ahead, spread your boondocking wings and fly!

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